Be Astute

Welcome to Be Astute


We help you improve profitability through the astute application of technology in your business. Whether it’s growing pains, staffing issues, missed sales targets or poor customer relations a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

We work with companies to support them to make astute IT and business decisions, helping to tackle the knotty problems that may keep you awake at night, and can be so difficult that you tend to put them to the bottom of the pile. 

You already have a vision for how you want your company to run and know that the better use of technology is an integral part of making that happen.  But as brilliant as you are, the IT world can speak another language and the sheer vastness of the options can be baffling.

Be Astute is independent, and is not an approved partner, re-seller or vendor for any hardware or software products.  We focus on the people and business needs first, and recognise it is these needs that ultimately define the technology to adopt.

Too many companies buy one piece of software to solve one problem, with no consideration about how it fits in with the overall needs or strategy for the business.  Many business leaders are not IT confident, or may be battle scarred from previous IT projects going wrong or not having the impact the salespeople promised. The result being multiple standalone systems holding duplicate information with ad hoc spreadsheets being used to cover the shortfalls.

By spending time and effort at the start of the project to really understand what it is that a system needs to be able to do, we make sure it meets staff and customer needs.  There is no point paying for gimmicky features that won’t get used.


“Julia gave the business a shot in the arm by providing informed and objective strategic advice that cut through the noise and directly helped us to improve our customer experience and ultimately our sales performance. We came away energised and with a clear direction.” 

Kyan Co-founder Piers H Palmer