Be Astute
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Who we are

We’re a husband and wife team combining our individual talents to create a business support company with a difference. We are business focused IT specialists but our starting point is not the technology, or selling you cool gadgets. 

We start with you, your needs, the issues that you have that need solving. We can do cool gadgets with the best of them, but not as the starting point.

What do we do?
Make companies work better. By focusing on the problem to be solved rather than the technology, and making sure our solutions improve people’s lives – reducing data entry and tedious admin, improving the quality of information you have to run your business so everyone can do a better job.

Why use us?
Without any unnecessary ego, we’re bloody good at what we do. We took a company with 100 staff which was 90% paper based, with staff who were highly reluctant IT users, and over a period of 8 years made it 99% paper free with staff who were happy and engaged and loving their new paper free lives.

The astute new system created a more engaged and productive staff team. Customer satisfaction and communication were dramatically improved, and the systems saved money for the business. We have now dedicated our professional lives to help others achieve similar benefits through the astute application of technology.

How do we improve performance?  
By solving the key problems such as tired or outdated ways of working. Growing pains. Sales systems that lose more sales than they make. By being a trusted pair of outside eyes.

This creates both financial and emotional benefits to your business:


  • Increase sales

  • Reduce overheads and administration costs

  • Improve your profit margin and make scaling up a possibility


  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Reduce conflict and complaints

  • Enhance staff happiness

  • Develop your IT confidence and job satisfaction


Why “Be Astute”?

That’s what we help our clients to be

However great things are, they could always be better

Being in business, stuff always annoys us and always needs fixing

You can’t stop the outside world coming in and stuffing all your carefully laid plans up

Sometimes you just need an outside view to help you see the wood for the trees, or even the whole forest


Julia Stock

Julia has 20 years experience running a vocational training business. She is also a qualified Management and Leadership trainer. Julia is great at collaborating to help teams identify and describe the business issues that they face, and then work to create an innovative cost effective solution that brings the whole team along for the journey.

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Bill Stock

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Bill has 30 years experience as a database God. We don’t use the term lightly. Bill can see your IT and data needs in relation to your whole business. To him, data is the blood supply of your business. Better data, better business. And he has the skills to make it happen.

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