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We work with all kinds and sizes of independent training providers, to help them manage and minimise their administrative and data burdens. 

Funded training provision is a complicated market. Providers have unending hoops to jump through and regulations to comply with. With thirty years’ combined experience in the learning, assessment and training market, we understand these requirements inside out – and we can help you manage them better to make your business more profitable and efficient.

The clients we work with from across the sector face common dilemmas. We help you answer these:

• What risks do you face? Do you know where your business is more vulnerable in terms of compliance and inspection?

• How can you minimise the sheer amount of brain-numbing bureaucracy that your business has to process?

• How do you get your management information systems to function as well as they can for your business, and how can they talk
to each other to save duplication – and frustration?

• How can you monitor learner effort more effectively?

• What systems for performance management should you be using, how, and why?

• How can you use better data in better ways to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment?

What we offer: full orchestration to fine tuning

We help all kinds of businesses to manage and use their data better. Julia has 20 years’ experience running a vocational training business, and Bill has 30 years’ experience in databases and data for business. When it comes to learning, teaching and assessment, we’ve seen and done it all. We’re expert and independent; we are supplier agnostic and have relationships with many software and hardware suppliers. We simply make your systems work better together, advising you on the best means of improving your business’ efficiency.

We liken our work to that of a conductor. We understand the complexity of the market, and your business, and we help you orchestrate all the different parts to make your organisation play its part beautifully.

We offer expert business and information management consultancy from the smallest fine-tuning work all the way through to full orchestration of fully integrated, bespoke, top-performing systems.

Why Be Astute?

We can help you manage your business better

• We understand that the smallest error in the process of recruiting, onboarding, managing learners can carry serious legal and financial weight. 

• We can help you to identify the weak points in your business, and in your processes and systems, where mistakes may happen or where risk is inadequately managed. We can help you sure up these areas.

• We help our clients establish a ‘right first time’ culture. We know that the ‘pre-start’ phase is crucial. Our real-time monitoring reports will help you with the timely recruitment of quality learners.

• Improve communication and coordination between your sales and operational staff.

• We improve accuracy – both by helping you identify problems more quickly, and by stripping out the unnecessary human data entry that takes up so much time for independent training providers. 

• We know the best software to apply to which tasks, and what you can use to bridge gaps between your systems, to minimise the effort and inaccuracy of manual data input and information management.

• We understand that the changing rules and regulations can be difficult to keep up with – and that your business is increasingly accountable to these. We help you to negotiate this minefield of requirements and protect your business.

• We understand the complex interplay between Ofsted, audit, other regulatory and advisory bodies, and have experience working with all of them.

We can relieve your admin burden

• We help you simplify the administrative process, tracking and automating tasks to:

•  Improve accuracy and compliance

•  Minimise resource allocation to data input and management

• We have an extensive professional understanding of systems and software that can help you to reduce the burden of admin in your business, from automating low-value process to effective and efficient software bridges between systems, through to complete business-wide system overhauls. And we can work with you to improve your business no matter where you fall on that scale of requirements.

• We work across areas of your business to make sure the changes we make work seamlessly across functions. We have experience of designing, managing and integrating all kinds of business systems from CRM and Management Information Systems to data capture and storage mechanisms. 

• Improvements we help to you to make your data flow will also improve your sales, finance, planning and business strategy.

We can help you offer the best for your trainers and learners

We can help you offer the best for your trainers and learners

• We understand that you need to offer the best feedback on learner performance. By improving the way you capture, use, manage and store learner performance data, you’ll be able to offer a gold standard of genuinely useful and intuitive feedback. This will better support both teachers and learners and improve the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.
• You’ll no longer be exposed to the risk of one link in the chain of your candidates’ experiences meaning a failed audit or lost contract. Errors in onboarding, underperforming candidates, overcompensating or overstretched teachers: our improvements, and the certainty and transparency they secure you, can help you identify and resolve these kinds of tricky issues in the best way for your business.

• We can help you transform your data and information management systems from an administrative burden to a powerful, useful quality management tool. Because what we do is data-led, and we can help data to lead and shape your business, too.

• Most existing systems are woefully underused. We can help you unlock the potential for the systems you have in place to really get the best value out of them.

• We can help you make the data within your learner records useable and useful. We can help you to use this data better to inform both onboarding, the ongoing process of teaching and learning and effective intervention when necessary.

• We can audit and assess your data and information processes and systems to help you understand if – and how – you need to make improvements.

• All our work with clients is bespoke. We know that there is no ‘silver bullet’ for independent training providers, so we don’t promise one to our clients. But we do know our stuff, and can create the perfect programme to your requirements – based on our expertise, understanding of the market and its latest offerings, and your tailored requirements.

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